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Buying an Anonymous Domain

There are times when you may decide that you want to open up your own website or blog. Whether you are looking to sell items, post articles or put any other type of content on your site, it is really easy to do. But the first step is to buy a domain that has the name that you want. You can always use site hosting services, but they are usually limited in the way that you can design your page, and everyone ends up knowing that you are just using a page on their site, instead of having your own domain.

But you may be a little bit worried that the information you are putting out is really easy for others to access. For instance, you are going to have to put in details about your name and address, along with other personal details, when you are registering your domain. It is a requirement because they want to know who you are, and they need your card details or bank information to process the payment. And that is fine in terms of paying the bills, but it is not ideal because people can easily search who owns a particular domain.

anonymous domain

But what if you do not want anyone to know these details? Maybe you are in a situation where you really do not want anyone to have the information that is out there about yourself. You are running a site and you want it to remain completely anonymous. Either it is for a good reason or because you are a little bit paranoid. In any case, it is up to you to do what you want in such a situation. And you can get it done if you get an anonymous domain. So make sure you are taking steps to get said domains from a reputable source, and that you are allowed to pay with bitcoin.