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Aesthetic benefits for using today’s ejuice


This short, informational article on the use of electronic cigarettes and all of its contents and accoutrements talks only about the aesthetic benefits that can be derived from this alternative but revolutionary form of smoking. Artists and scientists can put their thinking caps on while filling their e-cigarette holder with their favorite ejuice flavor. The process of smoking an e-cigarette is vastly different from the stress-filled and angst ridden experience of puffing hurriedly and nervously on a traditional tobacco-filled but poisonous cigarette.

The new electronic variation allows for a longer, lingering experience where smokers can instill in themselves a deeply contemplative and thought-provoking mood. They would ideally want to enhance the relax mood further by altering their surroundings as well. Create soft, gentle colors and textures, or darkened but calming light effects to pacify the mood. This turns out to be quite easy to achieve, given that there are so many artifacts and d├ęcor elements that can be applied.

Designers and manufacturers of electronic cigarette holders and appurtenances are no less creative and scientific in their approach to creating the perfect aesthetic experience. Dozens to choose from, no one e-cigarette holder is the same. A caring approach is taken to the way a cigarette must be held. It is quite similar to the way an avid pipe smoker prefers to hold his piece. Traditional tobacco and paper-rolled cigarettes come nowhere close.

Those days are gone, smokers. Those were frantic, grubby and guilt-ridden experiences. It did nothing to soothe the nerves, in fact, it only made matters worse, so much so that the health authorities stepped in and finally had their way. They are, however, quite a way off where electronic cigarettes and its accoutrements are concerned.